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Classic Body Massage

Classic Body Massage or Swedish Body Massage, as it is also know, derives many of its techniques developed and used during the 1800s by the Swedish doctor Per Henrik Ling. 

He incorporated massage into his medicinal gymnastics regimen, which would also become the basis for physical therapy.

Ling borrowed techniques from Chinese massage, which he learned from his friend Ming, a practitioner of Martial Arts and the traditional Chinese practice of manipulative therapy called Tui na.

Dutch Physician Johan Georg Mezger, further developed the system, applying French terms describing the strokes still used in Classic massage today. 

Benefits of Classic Body Massage

The Therapeutic effects of Classic Body Massage last long after the treatment is over. Short and long term benefits are individual, varied, and can include many of the following:-


  • Relaxation
  • Reduction of stress, both emotionally and physically
  • Relief from pain and stiffness in the muscles
  • Release of knotted muscles
  • Increased mobility of the joints
  • Increased Lymphatic circulation speeding up the elimination of toxins
  • Stimulates blood flow which helps oxygen levels
  • Promotes a general feeling of well being


For those clients who are apprehensive about a Classic  Body Massage Treatment, please let me reassure you. 

I am a fully qualified Holistic Therapist and will offer this treatment respecting a client's modesty at ALL times.

As a client you will be fully covered in two or more, very large, soft towels. These are then, turned or folded back, to reveal ONLY the area being massaged at the time.

Classic body massage is a full body massage. It begins with a massage of the Shoulders and Neck working up to the Face and Scalp. Carried on down the Arms, across the Abdomen (optional), down the Legs on the front. Turning over to the backs of the Legs, and ending with the Back. 

This treatment is always adapted to your needs.  

For example: If you suffer from back problems, I will spend more time on your back.

If you in a job where you stand all day, and suffer from leg and feet fatigue.  I will spend more time on those areas.  

This can all be discussed, in the consultation period, prior to treatment.

A Classic Body Massage leaves you relaxed uplifted and re-energised.

The full treatment lasts approximately 1 hour - £30.00

However should you only require a back and shoulder massage, this is also available and will last approximately 40 mins - £25.00

Please visit the Eternal Aquarius shop to book a treatment or, contact me via the Contact page should you require any further information.