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Callus Peel Foot Rejuvenation

This treatment is excellent, and shows outstanding results, for any person with very hard skin on the bottom of their feet.


I know, as I use this product, and it really works.

For a while I had had, very hard skin

on the bottom of my feet.

Then I was introduced to this product

at the Holistic Trade show.  I've never looked


The results really do speak for themselves. 

Softer, more lovelier, looking feet.



This treatment is carried out sitting up on my therapy couch. Whilst listening to relaxing music. 

Firstly applied are the pads that soften and loosen the dry skin.  Your feet are then wrapped in cling film for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. 

After these are removed, I will scrape away the dry skin using a very strong plastic scraper.  This doesn't hurt and is rather a nice feeling, I have to say.

This is then completed with a moisturising foot massage.  

Its is advisable for you to be wearing loose fitted trousers, enabling me to roll them up to the knee or a skirt. Please bring with you fresh clean socks to put on afterwards. 

This is a wonderful Treatment, as I've said before. The treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes to an Hour.

This is a photo of before and After Taken from the Makers of this product.  If Id have had my camera handy whilst doing this treatment on myself, I really would be showing them off !!!


Skin Softener: Water, glycerin, nonoxynol-12, carbomer, ethanol, sodium hydroxide, citric acid, tataric acid, lactic acid, pyroglutamic acid.

Moisture Cream: Water, EDTA-2na, methylparaben, urea, glycerine, carbomer, stearic acid, cetanol, glycerymonostearate, aracel-165, aracel--83, tocopherol, dimethycone, triethanolamin, lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil.

Please visit the Eternal Aquarius shop to book a treatment or, contact me via the Contact page should you require any further information.                                                                   £25.00