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Meditation Classes

We love Meditation here at Eternal Aquarius and specialise in Guided Visualisation Meditation 

These are guided visual journeys, to aid you in relaxation and de-stressing, 

to alleviate the pressures of modern day life

We have three Meditation Classes running

  • Meditation For Relaxation - Beginners A 10 week course - Afternoon Class
  •  Meditation For Relaxation - Beginners A 10 week course - Evening Class
  • Meditation For Relaxation Circle - for those that have completed the beginners course or have a stronger knowledge of meditation

                                                      Please see below for further details

Meditation For Relaxation - Beginners Course

Do you need to learn to relax more? 

Reduce Anxiety, Panic attacks & depression?

Or just relax & De-Stress?

Then why not learn Meditation

January 10 week Course has already started 

Our Next Meditation For Relaxation Beginners Course Starts 

April 10th 2018

This is a 10 week Course  Exchange £35.00

Time 13.00 pm to 14.00 pm


Time 20.30 pm to 21.30 pm


And A £10 non-refundable deposit secures your place 

Take a time out to unwind and relax with guided meditation. Learn how to find inner calm and enjoy the benefits meditation has to offer.

Along with different Meditation Techniques, I will give you pointers and information, as well as help and guidance in learning how to meditate, Leaving you with an array of abilities

These can be used to practice at home to keep you calm and relaxed, For de-stressing after a bad day. Helping to deal, with emotional day to day occurrences.

Or just coming along once a week to have a relaxing "Time out" and "Me time"

The benefits of learning meditation

  • Leads to a much deeper level of relaxation
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Reduces anxiety & Panic attacks
  • Alleviates depression
  • Releases stress
  • Ability to deal more calmly, in tense situations
  • Lowers Blood pressure
  • If you have a child or children with ADHD.  Being able to deal with their day to day challenges more calmly, has a calming effect on the ADHD mind.

Leaving you, with a lovely feel good factor

So why not make time for YOU?

Beginners meditation for the Mind Body and Spirit

Exchange £35.00

Please contact me, should you require any further information

Meditation for Relaxation - Weekly Circle

Our Weekly Meditation for relaxation Circle, is held every Monday, here at Eternal Aquarius, excluding bank holidays

20.30 pm to 21.30 pm

This is for those who have attended the beginners course or have a stronger knowledge of Meditation

Each 10 Week Term is payable in advance,  with an Exchange of 35.00

Or drop in whenever you can, for £5.00 each session

Please contact me, should you require any further information