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History of Oriental Hand Massage

Hand Massage Therapy is a traditional treatment applying Chinese massage techniques to adjust the blood and breath, to make Ying and Yang parallel, so as to preserve and protect peoples Health and prevent diseases.

Hands contain many thousand sensory nerve endings which, makes them one of the most sensitive areas of the body.  The early Chinese developed the technique of acupressure thousands of years ago.  This provided the basis for reflex zones and the relative points, and connections, between different parts of the body.

It is well documented that the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians and Egyptians worked on the hands and feet to promote good health.  Many of the long established principles developed then, are now available to be used in the modern practice.

This wonderful massage technique, is beneficial to our modern day life, with many of us now suffering with RSI ( Repetitive Strain Injury) or Carpel Tunnel.

Or hands and arms work continuously.  The many movements we perform each day, can put strain, wear and tear on the tendons, ligaments and muscles.  By using this technique, we help to reduce muscle fatigue, relive everyday aches and pains, and encourage joint mobility.


Benefits of Oriental Hand Massage

The therapeutic effects of hand massage last long after the treatment is over. The short and long term benefits are individual, varied and cumulative and can include many of the following:

  • Relief from pain and stiffness in the muscles of the hands and arms
  • Increased mobility of the joints in the hands and shoulder area.
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Improved blood flow
  • Helps repetitive strain syndrome
  • A sense of tranquillity, calmness and positive well-being
  • More restful and refreshing sleep patterns
  • Deeper calmer breathing
  • Alleviation of stress, anxiety, lethargy and mild depression
  • strengthened immune system
  • Stimulation of the sensory nerve ending producing a feeling of exhilaration
  • Increased general circulation by bringing fresh nutrients and taking away waste products.

  It's especially relaxing for those of us who use a computer.  You'll be surprised how much it affects our hands shoulders and arms using a keyboard and mouse all day . 



This relaxing treatment is carried out whilst sitting upright on a comfortable chair listening to relaxing music. 

It starts with a shoulder and neck massage to release the tension build up in that area .  Follows on, with an arm massage to completely relax you . 

The hand massage is the last part, which will relieve and pain, stiffness and improve joint mobility in the hands. 



The Treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes - £25.00 

Please visit the Eternal Aquarius shop to book a treatment or, contact me via the Contact page should you require any further information.