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The Soul Enlightenment Workshop

This Taster Workshop is a light and fun few hours, designed to explore your other gifts and what lies beneath

Would you like to understand and learn more about:-

Your Energy's
Your Aura
Your Chakra's
Reiki Energy
Working with a Pendulum Crystals and Angel Cards 

Then this is a workshop, you’re going to enjoy.  It’s an informal, fun, practical and different way to try and learn something new

WHEN: Contact me for dates 
Time 13.30 pm to 16.30 pm

Duration of the course 3 hours
although this usually runs over due to having to much fun with the pendulums!

Exchange £35.00 per person  Limited places available Due to the nature of the workshop

Price includes a Manual and Pendulum of your Choice 

A £10.00 non returnable Deposit secure's your place.

Paypal, Cash or Cheque accepted

Spiritual Awareness Course 

If you feel you're a little different, or know there's something more

Believe that you may have intuition but unsure what to do with it

You may even have a curiosity, you wish to explore

Reveal Your Extraordinary

And Join Rusty Wallis on this Beginners 8 week Course

Understanding the foundations, of your spiritual side

How to connect with your spirit teams and really enjoy your journey

Tarot For Beginners

It’s time to dispel the myths. Tarot within some people’s perception or the wider world, can sometimes be regarded as the occult. However, as with Oracle cards, healing cards and other divination tools, it has a history that’s not widely known

A history that may come as a surprise to you, as it follows the fool on a journey. A journey that we all go on, through this life, on the earth plane

So if youve been drawn to the wonderful world of tarot, its meanings and how it resonates with you; then why not join us, on this course, to start your tarot journey

Amongst other information, we will be covering the following

  • The History and myths
  • Mindfulness of energy – spiritual health and safety
  • Connecting with deck - cleansing and closing
  • Simple spreads
  • And so much more

The Crystal Grid Workshop

Details coming soon

The Little Angel Workshop

An informal, fun, practical and different way, to introduce you to the Archangels and Your Guardian Angels
A workshop encompassing the following:-
  • To become more familiar with them
  • Understanding the signs when an Angel is around you 
  • Their Characteristics and Roles 
  • How to identify them 
  • How to work with them
  • Other signs that your Angels are present 
  • Communicating and connecting with your Angels
  • What and how your Angels can assist you with during daily life
  • Two Guided Meditation to connect you with your Angelic Realm

If you’re interested in and would like to learn more about the Angelic Realm,
 then this is a workshop you’re going to enjoy

We arrange a date and time to suit you if you wish 
or our next date is 
Please contact me for dates 
Time 10.00 am to 4.30 pm
£45.00 per person 

Price includes a full Manual containing all you've learnt
£10.00 Non-Refundable Deposit secures your place.

Paypal, Cash or Cheque accepted

From Vision to Life Workshop

This workshop is designed in a Vision Board format

As well as being fun.  It gives you the opportunity to see in a visual form, what you need to move forward

Teaching you to focus on your goals 

To achieve your dreams

To see our ideals, our new year’s resolutions, and our intentions: 

To be who and what we want to be. 

 Set out what we want in glorious technicolour!

Next workshop date is 

WHEN: Contact me for dates 

Time 10.00 am to 16.00 pm   Here at Eternal Aquarius Holistic Health and Well Being

All tools will be provided including tea and coffee

Please bring your lunch and snacks with you 

£45.00 per person - Limited places available - Due to the nature of the workshop

Price includes a Manual and your created vision board 

10.00 Non-Refundable Deposit secures your place

If you are interested in this workshop, we set a date that is suitable for you. To spend quality time together. Going through all goals, aspirations and information,  it is you need, to achieve your desired outcome
  So please do not hesitate to contact me.